Community Newsletters

The Copperfield Courier is published monthly, and is available for electronic review/download here at the Copperfield website. Printed copies of the newsletter are also available for pickup at the neighborhood Clubhouse.

To submit information or an article, email and please place “Newsletter Article” in the subject line of your email. All articles should be submitted by the twenty-first of the month for inclusion in the following month’s publication. Articles may also be mailed to:

PO Box 43147
Louisville, KY 40253
No articles or comments will be included without the submitter’s name. The CHA reserves the right to edit or reject any material it deems inappropriate.

CHA Board Meeting Minutes

Stay up-to-date on discussions and decisions that happen at each monthly CHA Board Meeting by reviewing the minutes here.

Financial Statements

Monthly cash analysis and further details are available to any Copperfield resident at any time. Please Contact Us with any specific questions.

2018 Approved Budget2017 Final Budget/P&L


Deed Restrictions

Copperfield is a wonderful, desirable neighborhood to live in because of the willing and enthusiastic efforts of our caring, responsible homeowners. Being a deed restricted community means we all agreed to abide by the existing deed restrictions when we purchased our homes. (One of the many, many pieces of paper you signed at closing!) You may access a PDF copy of the deed restrictions for your home by clicking on the Deed Restriction Library button below, but it is easy to summarize the key responsibilities of each homeowner in just a few short bullet points:

  • You have the duty to properly maintain your home, property and landscaping.
  • Please refrain from parking on the street.
  • No utility trailers, trucks, commercial vehicles, camper trailers, ramping vehicles or boats can be parked or kept on a lot unless housed in a garage or basement.
  • Solicit Board of Directors approval for any construction or major landscaping changes: decks, fences, additions, other structures, etc.