Q. When is the Copperfield assessment fee statement sent?
A. The annual assessment fee statements are mailed in January.

Q. How much is the Copperfield assessment and when is it due?
A. Copperfield residents will receive their assessment bills on or around January 5. The due date is April 5. Homeowner association fees are currently $750 per year, but are subject to change. (CHA fees last increased in 2012.)

Q. Is there a late fee if my assessment is not paid by the due date?
A. Yes, the late fee/service charge is $100.00. (This is subject to change.)

Q. Is the assessment fee mandatory?
A. Yes. You are obligated to pay the assessment as part of your property’s deed restrictions.

Q. What does the assessment fee cover?
A. The fee covers neighborhood operating expenses, which include maintenance of all common areas (including landscaping and irrigation, landscape lighting, street lights, pools, tennis courts, basketball court and other facilities). Trash removal and snow removal are also provided for every home in Copperfield. The fee also funds neighborhood social and community events.

Q. Do I have to pay if I don’t use the pools or other facilities?
A. Yes, you are legally obligated to pay.

Q. What happens if I don’t pay the assessment?
A. A lien will be placed on your property when your account is 3 months past due. You will be assessed late fees, as well as being responsible for the lien filing fee (currently $150, but subject to change) for each filing. Additionally, you will not receive a pool card and your access to community property and events will be suspended, nor will you be eligible to vote in Copperfield elections. Copperfield will begin foreclosure proceedings when an account is 3 years past due.

Q. Should I pay the assessment if my house is on the market?
A. Yes, because the closing attorney will pro-rate the assessment fee. If the assessment fee is not paid by the due date, late fees are applied. All accrued late fees are liabilities of the seller and are not pro-rated at closing.

Q. Who should the payment be made out to and where do I send it?
A. The payment should be made out to Copperfield Homeowners Association and mailed to:
Copperfield Homeowners Association
PO Box 43147
Louisville, KY 40353
Alternatively, you may pay the assessment via PayPal by sending it to the neighborhood email address: hotline@copperfieldky.com. Residents choosing to pay with a credit card via PayPal are responsible for the 2.9% processing fee and $0.30 transaction fee, making the total payment $772.05.

Q. Can I make the payment with my credit card?
A. Yes, for the first time in 2018 payments may be made online through PayPal with a credit card. Residents choosing to pay with a credit card are responsible for the 2.9% processing fee and $0.30 transaction fee charged by PayPal, making the total payment $772.05. To pay via PayPal, simply send the $772.05 payment to the neighborhood email address: hotline@copperfieldky.com.

Q. What happens if I cannot pay the assessment on time?
A. In the event you cannot pay the assessment on time, please contact the CHA Treasurer to discuss the matter.

Q. If I move but still own the property, whom can I notify?
A. You should send written notification to:
Copperfield Homeowners Association
PO Box 43147
Louisville, KY 40353

Q. Am I still allowed to use CHA resources (pool, tennis courts), attend Copperfield sponsored events (parties, etc), be on the swim team, etc. if I sell my home at some point during a calendar year?
A. As long as you own a home in Copperfield (and are not renting it to another person), you are a member of the CHA. As a member of the CHA you have full rights to all CHA benefits. When you sell your home, as of the closing date you are no longer a member of the CHA. Unfortunately, this means that as of the day you sell your home you are no longer eligible to have access to any CHA benefits. For example, if your child is on the swim team and you sell your home at some point during the swim season, the child is no longer eligible to swim on the Copperfield swim team as of the day the house is sold. (This is due to legal and insurance regulations.)

Q. Where can I get a copy of my deed restrictions?
A. Your deed restrictions were provided to you when you purchased your home in Copperfield. You may also visit the Downloads page of the Copperfield website to access a copy of your deed restrictions.
Deed Restriction Library
Q. Are there architectural guidelines?
A. Yes, please refer to the deed restrictions and contact the CHA for approval of any architectural change you are considering.

Q. How do I get approval for a proposed architectural change?
A. Please submit your changes to the Copperfield Homeowners Association for review using the online form. You may be asked to attend a board meeting to explain your proposed changes in more detail.
Architectural Change Request Form

Q. What work, changes or additions to my property constitutes the need for approval by the Board of Directors?
A. Any changes listed, but not limited to the following, constitutes the need for approval by the CHA: Arbors, Basketball Goals, Decks, Driveways, Fences, Flag Poles, Fountains, Garages, Gazebos, Landscaping, Mailboxes, Patios, Playground Equipment, Ponds, Pools, Room Additions, Satellite Dishes, Sheds, Sidewalks, Siding, Statues, Trees (Addition or Removal), Urns, Yard Ornaments.

Q. Do I need a plat of my property to show changes?
A. It is not required, but it can be helpful to facilitate an approval more efficiently.

Q. Are there restrictions regarding mailboxes?
A. Yes, there are restrictions regarding the mailbox that can be installed.

Q. Where do I purchase a mailbox?
A. Please contact the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or email hotline@copperfieldky.com for details.

Q. Are there restrictions on street parking?
A. Yes. See your deed restrictions.

Q. Is approval needed to plant trees on my property?
A. Approval is needed for any major change on your property, including planting of trees. This will help avoid any problems that may result from violation of the deed restrictions.

Q. Who is responsible for trimming the trees in front of my house? What are the guidelines?
A. You are responsible for the trees on your property, including those at the street and/or between the street and sidewalk. Louisville Metro Ordinance requires that limbs overhanging sidewalks and streets be trimmed to maintain a minimum of 7 foot clearance from the ground. If your trees do not meet this requirement, the CHA may contract the maintenance and you will be charged for it.

Q. If I have noticed what may be a violation, whom should I contact?
A. Please contact the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or email hotline@copperfieldky.com. Anonymous submittals may or may not be acted upon.

Q. Whom do I contact if members do not maintain their property?
A. Please contact the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or email hotline@copperfieldky.com. You may also contact Louisville Metro by dialing 311.

Q. Who is responsible for road maintenance?
A. The Louisville Metro Government is responsible for road maintenance and can be contacted by dialing 311.

Q. Can I attach a notice of a lost pet on the street signpost?
A. No, it is against the neighborhood deed restrictions to post any signage. You can post your missing pet information on the Copperfield NextDoor page, which has proven to be successful at returning pets to their owners in the past.

Q. Can I place a directional sign for “sale of home” at the corner of the street?
A. Yes, the sign may be placed on Sundays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Q. What signs are allowed on a resident’s property?
A. One “For Sale” sign or “For Rent” sign is allowed. No other signs allowed at any time.

Q. Are contractors allowed to place a sign on property?
A. No, contractors are not allowed to place their business signs on property during or after performing work at the residence.

Q. What are the repercussions for having an unauthorized sign on my property?
A. If the CHA receives a report that an unauthorized sign is on your property, a letter of notification will be sent to you reminding you of the deed restriction you legally agreed to. It will also inform you that the sign must be removed within 48 hours or you will be fined $50. The CHA may also remove the sign from your property at any time.

Q. Can I read the By-Laws of the CHA?
A. The By-Laws can be read or downloaded by accessing them in the Downloads section of the Copperfield website.

Q. Can I read the Articles of Incorporation for the CHA?
A. The Articles of Incorporation can be read or downloaded by accessing them in the Downloads section of the Copperfield website.

Q. Where can I get my deed restrictions?
A. Your deed restrictions were provided to you when you purchased your home in Copperfield. You may also visit the Downloads page of the Copperfield website to access a copy of your deed restrictions.

Q. Can the clubhouse be rented for private parties?
A. Yes, the clubhouse can be rented for private parties by contacting the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or emailing hotline@copperfieldky.com.

Q. What are the rental costs for the clubhouse?
A. The current rental price is $50. (This is subject to change.) A $100 refundable damage deposit is also required. Clubhouse rental does not automatically include access to the pool. If you would like access to the pool, please indicate so when you inquire about rental.

Q. What is the capacity of the clubhouse?
A. Capacity is up to 45 people. Seating is available for up to 26 people.

Q. Who can use the facilities (pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and clubhouse) and is there a charge?
A. All Copperfield residents in good standing can use the facilities. There is a charge for rental of the Clubhouse (see above) and a charge for pool guests.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation to use the tennis courts?
A. No. The tennis courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are rare occasions when the CHA may reserve them for a neighborhood sponsored event.

Q. Why don’t we allow memberships to non-Copperfield residents or allow children of non-Copperfield residents to participate on the swim team?
A. This issue has been thoroughly researched from many points of views (including legal, financial and liability) over many years. First, Copperfield’s By-Laws state that our facilities are “For the mutual benefit of present and future owners of the lots in Copperfield Subdivision.” All CHA Board Members have upheld this since the neighborhood’s inception and have never allowed an open membership policy. Our facilities were built, financed and are maintained with the money from residents’ CHA dues. Other considerations in this policy include liability issues, increased insurance premiums and restrictions from our insurance company. The PVA also has classified the clubhouse/pool/tennis court/playground facility as a “community open space.” This classification is granted in two ways:
The original developer files the neighborhood property as open space when the deed is granted; or
The subdivision requests a change from commercial to community open space since it does not include outside memberships. (This is what Copperfield did. This saves the neighborhood more than $10,000 a year in additional expenses.)
In both situations, the tax exemption/leniency is granted because the services the open space offer is for the use of residents only. No outside paid or free memberships may be offered. If the open space offers services to those outside its membership then the tax exemption/leniency would be voided. The CHA has specifically asked the PVA about having outside swimmers and was told that this would violate the open space classification.

Q. What are the pool hours?
A. The pool hours may be found on the Facilities page of the Copperfield website.

Q. What identification is needed to enter the pool?
A. A validated pool card is required by every person over 11 years old. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult member (at least 15) with a validated pool card to enter the pool.

Q. What do I need to do to bring a guest to the pool?
A. You must show your validated pool card at the gate and pay the guest fee. Please see the current rules for the guest policy.

Q. Can the pool be rented?
A. Yes, contact the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or by emailing hotline@copperfieldky.com. You are required to contact the Hotline to request access to the Clubhouse or to have a party at the pool. The lifeguards cannot reserve the pool or clubhouse for you. Reserving the clubhouse does not give you access to the pool.

Q. What are some of the major neighborhood contracts?
A. Landscaping, Pool Management and Snow Plowing are some of the larger financial contracts. For details please see the financial information posted on the Downloads page of the website or contact the CHA.

Q. Where can I find financial information?
A. You can find financial information on the Downloads page of the website and in the monthly newsletters. You may also contact the treasurer if you have any financial questions.

Q. Who is responsible for road maintenance?
A. The Metro Government is responsible for road maintenance and can be contacted at 311. You will be asked to provide the street address closest to the issue you are reporting.

Q. Whom do I contact when I notice potholes in the street?
A. Residents should contact the Metro Government by calling 311 and alert them to the potential hazard by providing the address of the home nearest the pothole. A crew will be dispatched to patch the hole quickly, as once the pothole has been reported the city is responsible for any damage it may cause.

Q. Whom do I contact because an area in my yard near a grate has standing water?
A. Call the Metro Government hotline at 311.

Q. Does the CHA have responsibility for maintaining the storm sewer drain inlets?
A. No, the Metro Sewer District has responsibility for storm sewer drain maintenance. Report problems through the Metro Government line at 311. Be prepared to provide the street address of the home closest to the storm sewer issue.

Q. Whom do I contact when I notice an irrigation head malfunctioning on one of the islands or medians?
A. Please contact the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or by emailing hotline@copperfieldky.com. It will be helpful if you can provide specific details on the location of the malfunctioning irrigation head.

Q. Whom do I contact when I notice a street light out or a post leaning?
A. The CHA pays a set fee for the electricity costs (and the maintenance) to run our neighborhood’s street lights—regardless of whether they are working or not. Please help us make sure we’re getting our money’s worth by reporting any street light outages or damage that you happen to notice. It’s easy to do, by simply contacting LG&E at 502-589-1444 or visiting https://lge-ku.com/customer-service/outages/report-streetlight-outage to report the problem. Save the number and bookmark the link in your phone, and you’ll be able to report the problem right when you notice it! You’ll need to be prepared to give the home address closest to the light and the light’s location relative to the home address. Thanks for your help!

Q. Whom do I contact when I notice a light out on the front wall or one of the entrances?
A. The lanterns on the brick walls are the responsibility of the CHA. Please call the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or email hotline@copperfieldky.com.

Q. Whom do I contact when I notice a damaged street sign?
A. Please call the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113 or email hotline@copperfieldky.com.

Q. What’s the policy on sidewalks?
A. The sidewalks in Copperfield are the jurisdiction of Public Works. The Metro Government should be contacted by calling 311 to report all repair requests, issues or concerns about the sidewalk.

Q. Whom do I contact for electric and gas service?
A. The Louisville Gas & Electric Company is the local utility company and can be reached at 502-589-1444.

Q. Whom do I contact for water service?
A. The Louisville Water Company provides all water services for this area and can be reached at 502-583-6610.

Q. How do I contact the CHA?
A. There are several ways. You may email hotline@copperfieldky.com, call the Copperfield Hotline at 502-254-2113, or attend a Copperfield Homeowners Association meeting. CHA meetings are typically held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 at the Copperfield Clubhouse. There is an open forum at every meeting from 7:00-7:30 for residents to provide input on neighborhood issues/concerns. Hotline calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible, but please remember that the CHA is staffed by volunteers that may have other commitments to resolve before they can respond.

Q. How does the CHA report safety alerts and other information to its members?
A. Residents can receive safety alerts and other valuable information by subscribing to the Copperfield email system. NextDoor.com is also a valuable source of up-to-date neighborhood information.

Q. Are dogs/cats required to be on a leash in Copperfield?
A. There is a Metro Leash Ordinance which states your pets must be on a leash.

Q. What can I do about a constantly barking dog?
A. It is best for you to talk with your neighbor about the barking dog. If that fails to correct the issue, you can contact Animal Control Services at 502-363-6609.

Q. Whom do I contact about a dead animal on the street?
A. Please contact Metro Government by calling 311.

Q. Are Copper Pointe, Midland Meadows and The Overlook part of Copperfield?
A. No. These homes are not part of Copperfield. They do not pay any homeowners dues to Copperfield and are not bound by the same deed restrictions that Copperfield resident are legally required to follow. When these neighborhoods/homes were built, the developers were offered inclusion in the CHA but they declined.

Q. Why don’t we make Copper Pointe, Midland Meadows and The Overlook part of the CHA?
A. There have been several suggestions that CHA should merge with Copper Pointe, Midland Meadows and/or The Overlook. The idea of consolidating into one neighborhood goes back several years. Here is a brief history of events:

Copper Pointe – The developer of Copper Pointe decided not to follow CHA deed restrictions. Negotiations continued with the developer but they decided not to be part of Copperfield.

Midland Meadows & The Overlook – Copperfield negotiated a tentative agreement in 2000 to make both of these neighborhoods deed restricted sections of the CHA. At the time, Copperfield was completely demolishing the original pool facility and planning to build the pool, pump house, and bathrooms that exist today. These expanded facilities coincided well with the financial commitment Midland Meadows and The Overlook were about to undertake. Before a final agreement was reached on the inclusion of these neighborhoods, Copperfield held a town hall meeting to discuss the proposal with the current residents of the existing CHA. The prevailing opinion was that including these new neighborhoods was a bad idea. The reasons varied, but many thought the clubhouse, park, and pool facilities gave Copperfield homes greater sales appeal over the newer homes in those developments. Others were concerned about overcrowding. As a result of this input from the residents, the CHA reversed its opinion on the subject and rejected the expansion of Copperfield. More recently, Copperfield was approached by The Overlook, who requested that memberships to the pool be offered to their neighborhood’s residents. The Copperfield facility is a private club that offers no outside memberships. Copperfield suggested that they consider merging The Overlook HOA with the CHA instead. The Overlook asked their residents if they would be in favor of this merger to become part of Copperfield. The residents of The Overlook could not reach a unanimous decision in favor of this merger, and negotiations ended.

This is just a basic summary. Copperfield continues to be open to negotiating a merger of the neighborhoods. We believe that an agreement must include an equitable deed restriction on all the homes/properties within the merged neighborhoods, as well as a financial commitment consistent with the one that Copperfield residents currently have. Copperfield is firmly against a membership arrangement, as it would be too financially costly to the CHA and overly complicated to manage.

Q. Who pays for garbage collection?
A. Weekly trash collection is a service provided by the CHA and the cost is covered by your dues.

Q. What day is trash picked up?
A. Every Wednesday

Q. I noticed my trash wasn’t picked up this Wednesday. Why is that?
A. For various reasons, including holiday schedules and weather impediments, trash collection may be delayed temporarily. Detailed information is available at the Waste Management website, under the “Customer Service” tab, by selecting “View Pickup Schedules.”

Q. Who pays for recycling and yard waste removal?
A. Recycling and yard waste are not included in CHA dues. However, the CHA has negotiated very favorable pricing with the neighborhood trash contractor and encourages you to use them for this service.

Q. What day is recycling and yard waste picked up?
A. Every Wednesday

Q. Who do I call if I have issues, problems or concerns with the trash pickup service?
A. Contact Waste Management at 502-966-0117.

Q. Can I opt out of the trash service?
A. Trash removal is part of your annual CHA fee. There is no option to opt out of this service in order to get a discount on your dues, as it is an integral part of the neighborhood budget just like the pool, landscaping, snow removal, etc. Any resident is free to reject the service from the CHA’s chosen contractor and hire another service provider at your own cost.

Q. How many garbage carts can I get?
A. You can get up to two 96 gallon carts free of charge. Just call Waste Management at 502-966-0117 and they will deliver them to you.

Q. Where should my trash carts and bins be stored?
A. Trash carts and bins need to be stored out of your neighbors’ view.

Q. What items are not allowed in my trash container?
A. No Hazardous Waste, Car Parts, Liquid Waste of any Kind, Batteries, Tires, Wet Paint or Oil, or anything that could be harmful to Waste Management’s employees

Q. What other guidelines should I follow when putting out trash?
A. Max weight of any container is 50 lbs; max bag size is 33 gals; max can size 32 gals

Q. Who is responsible for snow removal?
A. Although the streets in Copperfield are the property of Louisville Metro, the city’s snow removal plan does not include two-thirds of our neighborhood’s streets. At the request of a number of residents, the CHA implemented and financed a plan to provide snow removal services for the neighborhood. As such, Copperfield’s streets are plowed by a private contractor.

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